"One of the creepiest and most challenging scores in recent time."
Mikael Carlsson; Movie Score Media

Nathaniel Levisay

“Nathaniel Levisay’s score Dawning

is a fresh horror assault that will make you squirm.

It has great precision… I highly recommend seeking this small score out to give yourself a fresh horror experience.”

Kaya Savas; Film. Music. Media.

"Buttressed by an unsettling musical score
Dawning proves an arresting and suspenseful experience."
John Kenneth Muir's Reflections on Cult Movies & Classic TV
Nathaniel Levisay
feat. Daily Bread & Gliss

"Nathaniel Levisay may not be a household name at the moment, but he is a composer on the rise whose pure talents are on display on his latest project, "The Toy Soldiers", a comedy-drama set during the early 1980s around a roller rink and a group of eclectic characters.


Taking in the vibe of the decade, Nathaniel's fine score takes after the stylings of the popular group, Tangerine Dream with its' moody and dream like atmosphere. Nathaniel's music simply breathes great life to a film where his contribution is just simply invaluable."


Danny Gonzalez; New York Film Music Examiner