"One of the creepiest and most challenging scores in recent time."
Mikael Carlsson; Movie Score Media

Nathaniel Levisay

music for the trailer & the feature film composed by Nathaniel Levisay

“Nathaniel Levisay’s score Dawning

is a fresh horror assault that will make you squirm.

It has great precision… I highly recommend seeking this small score out to give yourself a fresh horror experience.”

Kaya Savas; Film. Music. Media.

"Buttressed by an unsettling musical score
Dawning proves an arresting and suspenseful experience."
John Kenneth Muir's Reflections on Cult Movies & Classic TV
Nathaniel Levisay
feat. Daily Bread & Gliss

"Nathaniel Levisay may not be a household name at the moment, but he is a composer on the rise whose pure talents are on display in his latest project, "The Toy Soldiers", a comedy-drama set during the early 1980s around a roller rink and a group of eclectic characters.


Taking in the vibe of the decade, Nathaniel's fine score takes after the stylings of the popular group, Tangerine Dream with it's moody and dream-like atmosphere. Nathaniel's music breathes great life into a film where his contribution is just, simply, invaluable."


Danny Gonzalez; New York Film Music Examiner